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Launch of Tooizy new model

Izywall is the new model Tooizy just launched! Izywall is a portable inflatable wall that allows the attachment and replacement of communication printed screens.

Designed for convenient mounting, it allows multiple uses; banners, photographic and television scenarios, flash interviews scenarios, video projection and event decoration.

Izywall is a structure in which its dimension depend on the intended purpose.


Tooizy brand reviewed at International Meetings Review

"Thinking about the companies that communicate in exhibitions and events, the Portuguese brand Tooizy launched a range of inflatable stands..." more


Tooizy Aloon booth stand at CCB (Cultural Centre of Belém)

Aloon model tooizy booth stand from the custom series is currently standing in the hall at Cultural Centre of Belém.
These Inflatable modular booth stands, were customized to the clients needs, measuring 250x250x250.

Tooizy modular booth stands are light and easy to carry making them the ideal solution when promoting brands at exhibitions and events.


TOOIZY booth stand promoting at BTL show in Lisbon

Tooizy HEXA series, model 141 was on display at BTL- Lisbon Tourism fair. The booth stand is a standalone structure, measuring 200x400x360 and with great visual impact.

The booth stands from the Tooizy brand are extremely easy to assemble and carry. It comes up as long term solution for advertising and communicating, saving on overall means and costs.


Portable inflatable booth stand model HEXA 11 at BTL2014

Tooizy model HEXA 11 portable booth stand was chosen by AIP- Portuguese Industrial Association and on display at BTL trade show. It is Tooizy most agile and fastest to assemble booth stand of the HEXA series.



Eventpoint at BTL2014 with Delta model booth stand

Tooizy Delta booth stand, was the chosen model by Eventpoint at BTL2014 – Tourism fair in Lisbon.
Its a versatile and of fast assemble booth stand that easily adapts to any space.


Booth stand HEXA 262 from Tooizy on display at PROLIGHT + SOUND

Tooizy model HEXA 262 booth stand is built around hexagonal modular structures, that hold informative/communication prints. 

A booth stand of great visual impact and versatile. A reference at Messe Frankfurt ProLight+ Sound fair.



Tooizy booth stand model HEXA 31 in production

Tooizy model HEXA 31 booth stand is an excellent example of a modular inflatable booth stand for events and international fairs.

This inflatable portable booth stand is a visually captivating structure, enabling multiple configurations with other Tooizy booth stands.

An exceptional decision for someone looking for an inexpensive, functional, original and of great visual impact booth stand.


Tooizy booth stand at SISAB 2014

Tecnicoembalagem was at SISAB 2014 with a customized Tooizy booth stand. The model measures 300x200x250, and was constructed with versatility in mind easily adapting to any space.



Launching of the new Tooizy booth stand model

Delta is the name of the new Tooizy booth stand of the custom series. Its an inflatable booth stand, consisting of two walls with a 90 degree angle, measuring 190cm in height and with a variable width.

The model shown below is 'Eventpoint' booth stand, measuruing 250x250x190, standing at ENEOGE - Encontro Nacional de Estudantes de Organizaçãoe Gestão de Eventos.




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